Here/Not Here
Sarah Hickler

Hickler closed with the premiere of her title piece Here/Not Here, certainly the most ambitious work in the program and to my mind the strongest. Her choreography here is alive with wit, humor and suspense as it explores the treacherous shoals of interpersonal relations. Urgent unintelligible whispers, freeze frames, falls, catches and drops were all designed and executed with delightful energy and precision. The technical skills of the six dancers (which again included Hickler herself) were mixed, but since the choreography depended less on virtuosity than on a kind of special interactive integrity they had no trouble pulling me into their characters’ world.

Collaborating Zoundmiester [sic] Ean White entered the performance more fully here too, creating fascinating interactive soundscapes with a mix of voice, unorthodox instruments (coins, home made string-things, rocks) and digital effects. One particularly effective effect was a positively glacial rhythm created by carefully processing the sound of scraping stones (big ones) through a digital delay. Awesome. Though it went on a tad bit longer than it needed to, Here/Not Here is nevertheless a very strong piece, demonstrating what can happen when a choreographer hits just the right mix of artifice, improv and intellect.

–Scott Stroot, Pform 33, Fall 1994