Connecting with culture
Variety, experiments and a communal attitude at Mobius

Ean White, a freelance sound engineer and pyrotechnist, works at Mobius as a sound artist. White explains that energy and involvement in theater are considered positive attitudes at Mobius, as they “reflect a kind of participatory ownership in culture. In our world of mass privacy today, culture is a spectacle, something we watch passively. It hasn’t always been that way. Back when narrative used to make sense, it made sense because you could relate your private life to the public domain. There was a relationship between character and conduct. And, as that’s gone away, culture has receded into this commodity form.”

“I am very interested in connecting people with culture,” White concludes. It is a sentiment echoed, in one form or another, from everyone at Mobius.

–Rochelle O’Gorman Flynn, Boston Tab, 3/31/92