Ascent from the South
An evening of performance art
Mobius Performing Group from Boston, Contois Aud., Burlington, April 6–7, 8 pm.

Ean White has a weightier topic in his section of the evening’s performance triptych, “Yankee Go Home.” Stating that his concern about neocolonialism grew during travels through Third World countries, White—a sound/performance artist and lighting designer who also designs pyrotechnic displays—mixes music and processed sound to make a “political point without dogma” (in itself an achievement of note). His central thesis has to do with human survival against oppression and tremendous odds, and his “field recordings” were taken from visits to Korea, the Bahamas and Disneyland. (!) [sic]

–Pamela Polston, Vanguard Press, Burlington VT, Vol. XIII No. 12, 4/5/90